Hello, world! My name is Nicholas Eby.

I am a Software Developer. I love to code and learn new things. Lately, I have been working with building cool websites like this one. This website is built with Hugo, a static site generator. I especially like to focus on projects involving Python.

I am a Coach. I am the Head Coach of my old high school’s wrestling team and I am an assistant for the junior varsity football team. I love coaching these sports because they do an incredible job instilling characteristics of human excellence into young people.

I am a Grappler. I love wrestling and I think jiu jitsu is fun too. Jiu jitsu helps improve my wrestling and my wrestling allows me to survive in jiu jitsu.

I hope you find something interesting in my domain!


  • St Mary Catholic Central High School 2017
  • University of Michigan-Dearborn 2021

Work Experience

  • Software Operations Associate via Akorbi supporting Waymo from June 2022 - April 2023