Welcome to my JavaScript Projects page!

Web Gaming Platform

Tech: Angular, JavaScript,, node.js, express.js

Status: Belongs to Our Client

Description: For my Senior Design Project at Michigan-Dearborn, I worked with 3 other students to create a web gaming platform using Angular, JavaScript,, node.js, express.js, and hosted using an AWS EC2 instance. It was only hosted temporarily as it is still a prototype for the client that we worked with. The purpose of the platform is for a company’s workers to be able to connect and play various games virtually within their own company. I was responsible for creating the following games on the platform: TicTacToe, Space Invaders, Pong, Space Race, and Multiplayer Minesweeper.

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React Sample Recipes Site

Tech: React, JavaScript

Status: Not Hosted

Description: I am trying to learn React so I created a basic website that can be used to display various recipes. I have the basic structure and design and may pursue making this live in the future.

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