Welcome to my Miscellaneous Projects page!

Falcon Wrestling Club

Tech: Wordpress

Status: Visit Site

Description: I needed a quick website that could take registrations using an online form and look professional for the youth wrestling club that I coach. I am trying to build up interest in our program and all sports programs start at the youth level. This website helped keep registrations organized for me and it gives parents the information they need about our club. I have not performed any development on themes or plugins yet but I am familar with the WordPress process.

FWC Home

My First Ever Website


Status: No Longer Hosted.

Description: This was my first ever hosted website using only HTML and CSS. I was unfamiliar with advanced web design frameworks and technologies so I made this website the archaic way. I think it turned out okay for learning and doing it all on my own when I first got into websites. The purpose of the site was to be a static blog that I could update with posts.

MCW Home