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Google Data Analytics Capstone: College Football Exploratory Analysis

Tech: Python, pandas library, matplotlib library, Kaggle

Status: Visit

Description: I successfully completed the online Google Data Analytics Course, which included a capstone project where I followed the ASK | PREPARE | PROCESS | ANALYZE | SHARE | ACT analysis process. For my project, I came across an interesting college football dataset on Kaggle, which covered 10 years of football statistics. Using Python and the pandas library, I leveraged DataFrames to manipulate the data and compare teams and statistics. With around 146 columns in the dataset, I focused on a selected few for analysis.

It was my first time using a Kaggle notebook, and I found it to be an amazing tool. The notebook allowed me to take notes, organize my code, and display outputs, all within a single confined space dedicated to the dataset. Feel free to explore the notebook by clicking the ‘Visit’ link above!

Wins Distribution Image