Titanic - Machine Learning from Disaster

Visit My Titanic Notebook! First Kaggle Competition Kaggle is an exciting platform for becoming introduced to the world of data science. The platform allows its users to learn machine learning and data science in a very hands-on approach through Kaggle’s notebooks, competitions, learning modules, datasets, discussions, and social community. My favorite part is being able to utilize both markdown and code in the same area in order to better organize and learn various data-related technologies.

My First BJJ Tournament

TLDR: Watch Highlights The Beginning I began training Jiu Jitsu last summer, the summer of 2021. I learned how to stay calm while getting choked and gained valuable technical knowledge and experience in an unfamiliar discipline. My cousin, Mitch, had been training prior to my start which helped propel me to give it a try. As a wrestler, I found Jiu Jitsu to be something very different but at the same time very familiar.